Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Number Three-Shaped Skittles Cake

I've got another adorable cake to share with you! Yesterday was our youngest's third birthday, we celebrated it a couple weekends ago but I wanted to make her a special cake to share with her daycare friends and their families. Being a cake decorator, I have tons of ideas in my head and on file and never enough time to make them all. I seen a cake similar to this on Pinterest and knew this might be my only chance to make something like it, as I don't foresee anymore children in my future.

It was a very easy cake to make and didn't take much of my time. I baked two cakes in a bundt pan, you can use your favorite from-scratch recipe or a standard cake mix. You can see in the picture above how I cut them to form a number 3, you'll have a little bit of extra cake. Then I just used my standard buttercream recipe to frost the cake and started covering it with skittles. My girls aren't big M&M fans so I decided skittles would be a fun alternative.

I only spent about an hour covering the cake, so not bad timing at all. This is such a fun and different sort of birthday cake, my little girl just loved it! If you have a little one turning 3 in the near future, you should definitely give this one a try.

Number 3 Shaped Cake

2 baked, bundt shaped cakes (I used strawberry but any flavor would be great)
Choice of frosting, either homemade or store bought
Large 2 lb. bag of skittles (or M&Ms if you prefer)
board or something to place cake on

Cut baked cakes as shown above and position on a cake board to make a number 3 shape. Frost cakes using desired frosting and immediately start placing colored candies around cake. You can place them making a pattern like I did or get the kiddos involved and let them place the candies all over.


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