Monday, March 11, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Our family loves pizza, I think I could eat it just about every day. Fridays are usually our night to make homemade pizza. Sometimes we will order out but when you think about it, it really is so much cheaper to make your own. The hubs and I both love buffalo chicken so I like to make this pizza for us every once and while and then something more mild for the kiddos.

Since he doesn't care for ranch, I skip adding that to the actual pizza and will just use it as a side for myself. I like to add bell peppers if we have them on hand for some added color and crunch. On the morning I made this we had company so I made a larger breakfast than normal. I had quite a bit of extra bacon on hand and crumbled a few slices on top, I loved the extra salty, smokiness from the bacon.

When it comes to pizza dough, feel free to use your favorite homemade recipe or even the store bought crusts. I happen to love this particular recipe. I've tried others and none of them compare, I really believe it has to do with the bread flour. I have started to use it much more in my baking, I think it offers a much more softer texture to baked goods. It's only about $1 more than regular all-purpose flour. Give it a try next time you make pizza, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

1 unbaked pizza crust
1/2 c cooked, chopped/shredded chicken
1/4-1/3 c buffalo wing sauce (I use Cookie's Wings n' Things)
Additional toppings such as chopped bell peppers or cooked, crumbled bacon
1 c grated cheese (I used a combo of cheddar and mozzarella)
Ranch dressing to serve alongside or even drizzle on top

Preheat oven to 400 degrees, if you're using a stone make sure to preheat that in oven as well. Roll dough out and transfer to hot stone. Spread hot wing sauce over dough, add chicken, any desired toppings and cheese. Bake for 15 mins or until cheese is melted and bubbly and crust is browned.  If desired drizzle ranch dressing over top and cut into slices.

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