Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What a Difference a Year Makes

I'm going to get a little sappy with you today. Since I'm a writer at heart, this is my favorite way to talk to you.

Where do I begin?

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I love to cook. And baking is like my second language. It's really the whole reason I started this little blog six years ago. I wanted a space to share my favorite recipes with friends, family and my new readers.

And if you've recently started following me in the last year; then you know I have since found a new passion in this life. But in all reality, I have rediscovered something that has been buried deep inside my soul. I've always had a deep interest in health and nutrition. It's probably why I love cooking with veggies and visiting our farmers' markets so much. I love talking to others about healthy eating and helping others with their menu plans. And back when I was in high school I had my heart set on becoming a dietitian. Plans had to change though in the spring of my senior year, when the school I was already accepted to dropped their dietetics program. It just wasn't feasible for me to go to another college at that time. I guess I just sort of forgot about that dream and decided on another path at that time.

One year ago today I decided I needed to challenge myself. I had recently started running and instantly fell in love. I had just ran my first 5k and that's when I wanted more. That's when I reached out to an old friend. In fact, funny story; we were driver's ed partners and her brother is actually married to my husband's sister. So we're like family. I joined her online fitness group and committed to a brand new 30-day program that had just been released. I had never completed any sort of workout program before in my life. I was the type of person that would get through a week and could barely walk, and quit.

Not this time, I made it my mission to complete those 30 days no matter what. No excuses this time! And I did it. It felt amazing to start and finish something. That's when I became hooked. I ran with it and haven't looked back yet. Since then I have completed four 5k's and plan to run two more before the year is over, and I've also finished 4 different fitness programs with some of those being more than one round.

It hasn't been sunshine and rainbows this entire past year. There have been rough days, weeks and even months. I've lost motivation and had to pick myself back up. During this process I had lost my grandmother and our daughter suffered a compound fracture to her arm one week before dance competition season kicked off. It's never going to be easy, I have learned this is something you have to constantly work at. It's taking it day by day.

But, it honestly brings tears to my eyes to see how far I have come. This journey has really just begun. In less than two weeks I will be obtaining certification to teach that very first fitness program I started with. I've made it my mission to help empower other women so they can feel as happy as I do. To show them that they can do this. That it's alright to take care of themselves so they can be a better wife, mom and woman for their loved ones. And it's scary, believe me, oh how I know. But the joy you feel makes it all worthwhile!

Thank you for the constant support, love, encouragement and loyalty as I continue on this path, this journey. xoxo

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