Monday, July 1, 2019

Take Back the Kitchen Series

Gosh, it's been awhile! Almost a full year. I've missed writing. A lot! Even though I'm very much active on social media, it feels good to be sitting here typing away. I've missed writing blog posts and it's something I really am ready to jump back into. I hope you're ready!

I told you all about how I was feeling a little frustrated with some of my family's eating habits and what was being brought into the house. Yes, I do the majority of the grocery shopping. I take the blame. I also am pointing fingers at the hubby. The girls sure do know how to work him over!

Regardless, we're putting some brakes on. I declared, mama's taking back the kitchen!

What does that exactly mean for you and your family this July?

Well, whatever you want it to be. I'm hoping you'll join forces with me and take back YOUR own kitchens! It can look different for everyone, and I encourage small steps.

Maybe you will cut back or eliminate pop or soda in your house, and encourage more water instead.
Begin reading labels more and paying attention to ingredients.
Cooking at home more often.
Taking family walks in the evenings.
Having each child or family member choose a new vegetable or fruit to try each week.

And, maybe you're not going to be quite ready to embrace this as a whole family. As parents, it's important that we are taking care of ourselves first and foremost. So that we can be around and be at our best for our children. It's okay if you focus on making some of these changes in yourself first, and then in your family when the timing is right.  It's just important that you start.

What can you expect from me in July?

Well, my hope is to bring you recipes, valuable information and tools that you can use in your own busy lives to become even just a little bit healthier. We are all at different points in our lives and that's okay.

I plan to share new recipes in all food categories: breakfast, lunches, dinner, snacks and even side dishes. I'll be sharing some new healthier spins on some of my favorites as well.

I will also be covering the importance of learning to read food labels and what that can do for your family's health.

Dealing with picky eaters, getting your family to drink more water, dinners on the go, what happens when we allow ourselves to survive on so much sugar. I've got it all covered!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be new post days for this July series. I hope you are as excited as I am! If there's anything else you'd like me to cover and incorporate, leave me a comment below.

Are you ready? Let's join hands and take back our kitchens, together! You never have to do this alone!

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