Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Menu 8/9

We've got a fun and busy week ahead of us so I'm trying to keep our meals quick and easy for the most part. Tuesday we'll be spending the day at Adventureland; an amusement and water park just a couple hours away from us. I plan to pack lunch in the cooler for us to take with. Not only does this help save money, but I can ensure my family isn't loading up on junk the whole day.

Saturday the hubby and I will be enjoying a night away from the kids. I'm pretty sure our last date night was back in January for my work holiday party. Way too long ago! I'm planning a nice picnic dinner for us to enjoy. Going out to eat is always nice but a picnic sounds even more fun!

Anyways, here's what we have planned for our menu this week:

Cinnamon rolls
Yogurt w/fruit
2-minute ham and egg bowl
Green smoothies
Toast w/eggs

Chicken and broccoli slaw
Packed lunch- Adventureland
Homemade lunchables

Tomato-basil chicken
Dinner out-Adventureland
Spicy chicken wraps
Grilled pork burgers
Grilled brats
Date night picnic

*All meals will be rounded out with veggies and/or a salad

No-bake chocolate peanut butter coconut bars
Fresh fruit and veggies
Air-popped popcorn

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