Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekly Menu 8/23

We've enjoyed a pretty relaxing weekend so far. The hubby golfed yesterday with some co-workers while I took the younger two to tour a Victorian house museum in our town. I remember going with my elementary class a long time ago so it was neat to go back with my own children.

This morning after church we're heading to my in-laws to pick pears from their tree. Last year their tree did not produce a single pear, so I am excited to harvest a boat load this year. I will love adding pear sauce to my freezer along with other items and of course enjoying them just as is!

Here is our meal plan for the upcoming week:

Toast, hard boiled eggs
Cereal bars

Ham ball dinner (from the freezer)
Zucchini pizza bites
Chicken salad

Shrimp and tomato kabobs
Tator tot casserole
Iowa chops, baked sweet potatoes, garlic-parmesan green beans
Barbecue pulled chicken w/slaw (from freezer)
Grilled chicken kabobs

*dinners will be rounded out with veggies and/or salads

Fresh fruit/veggies
Air popped popcorn
Granola bars
Yogurt bites

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