Friday, February 14, 2014

Spending Strike Week 2 Update

Happy Valentine's Day! Today marks our half way point in our month long spending strike. We're still hanging in there, so let's break down the past week and see what's been going on.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Friday night I did a quick run to the grocery store for some produce for the upcoming week. $8 is my limit since I spend about $7 on milk for the week. That's not very much, but considering I still have plenty of apple and pear sauce, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and various other veggies in the freezer it works. Here's what I grabbed: Kale, bananas, spinach, romaine salad mix, broccoli and kiwi.  I also still had a 5-lb. bag of clementines leftover from the previous week, along with carrots and celery.

Over the weekend my husband and our oldest participated in a fundraiser bowling tournament. A good friend of ours lost their brother three years ago, unexpectedly at the age of 35. The past couple years they've put together this tournament to raise money for youth bowling scholarships. Normally the event takes place in January but this year it was pushed back. Because of this we did plan ahead and had the extra cash reserved. 

I did end up baking some peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses since I had an unopened bag from Christmas in the cupboard. The family enjoyed having a special treat, especially since we've got these Girl Scout cookies sitting around the house and mean ol' mom won't let them have any yet :)

Monday: Sunday night the hubby was starting to work on the plug in the bathtub. It had been sticking and was difficult to pull up over the weekend and that was the first time he was able to sit down and work on it. Well he pulled up on it and of course it broke right off. I told him to stop by Menard's on the way home and grab what he needed to fix it. So we did end up spending $8.55

Tuesday: With Valentine's Day this week, our 1st grader has been pretty excited for her class party coming up. Josh mentioned right away in the month, "Did you grab Valentine's?" Nope! I figured we've got plenty of craft supplies on hand, we'd make our own this year. Well I guess mom was wrong ha! Good thing our oldest had almost a whole box of leftover Valentine's from last year because there was just enough to send for the entire class. Plus the bowling alley staff handed out several sheets of free game cards during their league practice over the weekend so we included those as well.

I also spent most of Tuesday evening baking monster cookies for Josh to take to work the next day. Using ingredients we had on hand of course.

Wednesday: I have to say I'm really impressed with how little gas I've used in the van so far. Josh and I both ran out of time on Jan 31st and forgot to fill up the vehicles. Josh had to fill up his car, $40 there. I've still got a good half tank left. The end of this week will mark three weeks since I've gotten gas. Hopefully I can make it two more weeks.

Thursday: I had two cakes to bake and decorate that night. I have a good stash of butter in my freezer along with several other supplies but I still had to make a trip to the store. I will say though, it's not bugging me as much as I thought it would; to go into the grocery store and only walk out with what's on my list. I normally don't buy too many things off my list but it does take some self-control especially at this point of the week, when I'm all out of bananas, the hubby's almost out of pop, etc, etc.

Friday: That leaves us with today, Valentine's Day. We don't usually do much for this holiday so it's no biggie to not spend any money. It's been a long week so I'm looking forward to relaxing tonight anyways.

Unfortunately we will have to spend money on a new garbage disposal this weekend. Ours quit working on Tuesday, so that's on the agenda.  Let's hope nothing else in the house decides to break on us!

I realized some of you might be wondering what the heck we've been eating all week. Here's our menu from the past week:

Friday: BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, baked beans
Saturday: homemade chicken strips and fries, salad
Sunday: dinner at my parent's
Monday: lasagna, homemade breadsticks
Tuesday: tacos
Wednesday: beer-can chicken, rice and veggies
Thursday: chicken and noodles, salad

See that's not too bad is it? So far it's been a breeze menu planning. I've got next week's just about all planned out, we might start having to get creative soon :)

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