Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kit Kat Barrel Cake

Sunday we ended up celebrating the Super Bowl at our house, it was sort of a last minute decision but definitely a lot of fun. We had my husband's side of the family along with my parents over. Everyone pitched in with food, especially my mother-in-law and I stayed within terms of our spending strike.

Without going into too much detail, because I do plan to post on Friday our progress from the first week; we've done great so far. I did our regular grocery shopping on Friday so I had plenty on hand to make up a few appetizers for the game with no problem.

The girls helped me make this cake. I have this huge bag of M&Ms leftover from Christmas time when I was working on a cookie order. I've made one of these cakes before and thought it would be a fun addition to our spread.

I love it not only because it's so easy to decorate, it's a great cake for any occasion. Since M&Ms come in  many fun colors for all of the holidays, you can easily coordinate it to your theme.

For our cake, we stuck with a classic chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream. Lots of chocolate all in one dessert, can't get any better than that! Most everyone took a plate of cake home with them since we were stuffed to the gills. It's better that way, I didn't want to be tempted with cake all week!

Kit Kat Barrel Cake

2-layer chocolate cake, baked and cooled
10 packs regular size Kit Kat bars
Cake board or platter of some sort to place cake on

Chocolate Buttercream:
2 sticks butter, softened
2-lb. bag powdered sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup chocolate flavored milk powder {Nesquik, Ovaltine, etc}
Heavy cream or milk, for thinning

To make buttercream: In the stand of a large mixer or a large bowl, cream together butter and vanilla extract. Gradually start adding in powdered sugar and both chocolate milk powder and cocoa. Alternating with each other. I only use about 3/4 of the powdered sugar. Thin with either heavy cream or milk to your desired consistency.  Set aside when done.

To assemble cake: Trim tops of both layers of cake. Place one layer on prepared cake board, plate or platter. Add a big dollop of frosting to the middle and spread evenly. Top with the second cake layer.

Frost the entire cake, sides and top with the chocolate buttercream. Should look like this:

Carefully unwrap all of the candy bars and break them apart into individual pieces. Start lining each piece around the cake. You should have a couple pieces leftover. Sprinkle M&Ms on top of cake. Tie a ribbon around the cake if desired.

Serves 12-15, depending on how big you cut your slices.

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