Friday, February 7, 2014

Spending Strike Week 1 Update

Tomorrow marks one full week of our month long spending strike. It's really been a pretty normal week around here. I'll try to give you a little run down for each day.

Last Friday I made sure to do our normal weekly grocery shopping, I did spend a little more than I normally do but at the same time made sure that I wasn't going crazy. In the evening when Josh got home from work we headed to Sam's Club for a couple items and then I stopped by the milk store to add money to our card {we get a nice discount and it's just like a debit card} and to grab a gallon of milk.

Saturday: Our girls have their bowling league every Saturday morning, we eat breakfast and then head out. We've talked about our no-spending month for quite some time now so they knew the drill. No quarters for after league. They usually get one or two quarters to put into the machines and get something small. All ended well, they didn't even ask for anything.

Sunday: Most of our day was spent preparing the house for our families to come over and watch the Super Bowl with us. It was sort of a last minute plan but worked out great. Between myself and the others, everyone brought over plenty of food to enjoy and we had a great time with our loved ones. Obviously having just gone grocery shopping, it was easy to make up a few appetizers with what I had on hand. I made bacon-wrapped crackers, a guacamole dip, Kit Kat barrel cake and these buffalo chicken egg rolls.

My husband also got very lucky and won a couple of football pools he had entered a couple weeks back. He ended up winning $500 on one and then $100 on another. Yay for extra money!

Monday: Mondays are one of our busiest days of the week. After work, it's rushing to get dinner on the table and then off to dance class for the girls and I and bowling league for Josh. Usually he goes out to dinner afterward instead of eating with us. Not this week! That saved us about $15.

Tuesday: I was low on milk at this point and had to make a trip to the milk store, $3.29 was taken off of our card.

Wednesday: Another night of dance class. Nothing too exciting going on and no money spent.

Thursday: Our oldest had an orthodontist appointment in the morning, which resulted in more driving than I would like to have done. I've still got about 3/4 of a tank left and I also forgot to fill up before our challenge started. So I've technically gone 2 weeks already on the same tank of gas. We'll see if I can make it the full month.

Our six-year old also had Girl Scouts last night, so we did have to give her $1 for dues. She also brought home cookies to begin selling this weekend. We've already told the girls, sorry, we have to wait to purchase any until March. Of course it might be tempting with boxes of delicious cookies sitting around but they'll survive. I just might have to make some homemade cookies for them to enjoy in the meantime!

Not a whole lot went on this last week. We're pretty easy going people, complete homebodies and as you can see this no-spending challenge so far doesn't seem to be too much out of the ordinary. My goal for this weekend is to menu plan from what I have on hand. I'll also be needing to go to grab some produce, I only have $8 of my $15 remaining, since I spend about $7 on milk.

If you're joining in on the challenge, please, let me know how it's going for you and your family. I'd love to hear your stories!

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