Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reflecting on our Summer {in Pictures}

Even though summer isn't technically over for a few weeks, our summer vacation has come to an end and it's back to the daily routine. So long are the days spent by the pool, playing in the backyard until dark and staying up late. I thought it'd be fun to peek back at the past few months at some of our favorite memories!

We kicked off summer with the girls' annual dance performance. It's a big deal and something they work towards all year long. Our whole family attends and it's an awesome show to watch. I'm looking forward to watching all three girls in the next show.

The following weekend my brother was married. The wedding turned out great and I had the pleasure in making the cake and cupcakes.

The whole family at the wedding.

Then it was strawberry season. We take a trip, or two or three out to the strawberry farm each year and pick as many berries as we possibly can. We'll freeze plenty and of course make jam to enjoy through the winter.

We joined a few local bloggers on a tour of Kalona Supernatural. It's a business and product that we love and the highlight of the tour was bringing home our own jug of chocolate milk. The most delicious chocolate milk you will have ever tasted!

Our middle daughter also took a huge step in her faith this summer and asked to be baptized at church. It's hard to put into words what I felt up there on the stage, I am so proud of her and it's a moment I will never forget.

Perhaps my favorite picture of that morning, watching her peers lay hands on her and pray.

Our family also spent a couple weekends up at the river with my parents. The girls got to enjoy fishing with papa, tubing on the river, riding in the golf cart and so much more!

One weekend I took the little ones to visit a historic museum house in our town. It's one that I remember touring with my elementary class. Of course, my favorite room of the tour was the kitchen. The girls loved looking around the bedrooms upstairs and seeing what types of toys the children played with.

A few weekends ago, the hubby and I finally took a night to ourselves...with no kids! It had been awhile since we'd done so and was a much needed time of relaxation. I dusted off an old picnic basket I'd begged him to get me way back in high school. In fact we'd never even used it. I always make plans to go on an official picnic each summer and still had yet to do so. Our evening was nice though and we even decided to stay put and enjoy the calm of our own backyard.

Of course we ended up making it easy on ourselves and decided to order pizza. The day was extremely hot but it was wonderful sitting outside in the shade, eating pizza by the slice and sipping on our beverages and enjoying conversation with each other. Something so simple that we don't get to do often enough.

Last weekend I finally crossed something off my to-learn list, canning! I don't really know what the fear was, but I always thought it would be hard. It took me a little while to slowly get through my first batch, but man I love it now. In fact, I want to spend all my free time canning! I've got some pears to process that we picked from the in-law's tree, so I've been busy canning sliced pears and also pear sauce. I can't wait to try some other things now!

While we didn't take any extravagant vacations this year and stayed around home for much of our time, we ultimately had a great summer this year. I'm looking forward to taking some time this coming holiday weekend to relish the warm weather and maybe even plan a family picnic to end our final summer like days. It won't be long and we'll have cold days and lawns covered in snow and we'll just dream of those warm, summer temperatures!

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