Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

We spent our weekend up at the river celebrating my mother's 50th birthday. But first, Friday was the last day of school for the girls. The school year sure did fly by! We made this flower pot for my kindergartner's teacher who we just love dearly. Gracie painted the whole thing (I did do one extra coat of yellow) and then I did the writing but she did a very good job making this herself. I also let her pick out the flowers.

Friday was a lot harder on her than I ever imagined. She became really attached to her teacher this year and just loves her. When she got off the bus she immediately burst into tears. So it took us a little while to calm down. It just breaks my heart to see her so upset.

Today she's still a little upset but I think by the end of the week she'll be happy to have a little break and enjoy her summer. I sure am happy to have them around me more!

Anyways so we had a two hour drive Friday night before we arrived at my parent's cabin. My youngest brother and his girlfriend followed behind us. My mom had no idea we were coming, as soon as we got there, we walked down to their friend's cabin where they all were talking, etc. I can't believe she still couldn't hear us walking up on the gravel, but we stood there for a good minute before she turned around and seen the group of us standing there.

It was great to see her expression, she was so shocked! We had a nice little get together planned for Saturday night. I took care of the salads, appetizers and of course cake. I was afraid of transporting a large tiered cake that far so two smaller cakes were easy enough and they went over very well!

The first cake is a vanilla cake with strawberry fruit filling and topped with fresh strawberries. One of my very favorite ones to make!

Next we have a chocolate cake with a snicker filling: caramel buttercream, chopped snickers and more caramel drizzled on top. It's then covered in regular buttercream, I love this design! It's really so easy to make.

I think I was so busy with everything that I completely forgot to take many pictures over the weekend. We had a great time though. The girls had so much fun, stayed up way too late both nights and up pretty early. Last night I was happy to be in bed by a decent time.

Check out these fun new pans my mom found at a garage sale. All for $2! She's always on the look out for extra baking pans for me.

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