Monday, November 28, 2011

Pickle Wrap Dip

I've seriously been craving this dip, I've never made or eaten anything like this but it just sounded so good. Our family loves pickle wraps but I don't particularly like making them, I think they're quite time consuming. So with the help of my husband, we created this dip over the weekend and it turned out great! I tried my best to write down exact measurements of everything but really it's just sort of an eyeballing game, keep adding more of the pickles and ham until you get the desired consistency and flavor you're looking for. It's addicting stuff and I can't wait to make it again for any holiday gatherings we'll be attending!

Pickle Wrap Dip

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 cup sour cream
1/2 lb. deli sliced ham
10 dill pickle spears, roughly chopped
2 teaspoons dill seasoning (I used Pampered Chef All-Purpose Dill, but regular dill will work)
Splash of pickle juice

Combine cream cheese and sour cream in food processor. Start adding chopped pickles and ham, mix together. Add in dill seasoning and pulse. Keep adding pickles and ham until you've reached your desired consistency. Add in splash of pickle juice if desired, gives a little more pickle flavor. Serve with crackers, pretzels or veggies.
*This makes a lot, I had this bowl pictured above full plus a smaller container. If you're not needing to feed a crowd just halve everything. Enjoy!

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  1. We eat it with torn bread pieces! This is one of my faves!!!


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