Saturday, September 6, 2014

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Review

A couple of years ago I discovered the 100 Days of Real Food blog. It's been a great inspiration to me as I've tried to eliminate the amount of processed foods my family eats. Now, I'll be the first to admit; we are far from perfect! I strive hard to prepare good, wholesome food for everyone; but we have our moments when our eating is not ideal.

I was pretty excited when a copy of this cookbook arrived on my front porch and I've been busy reading it from cover to cover ever since! In case you're not familiar with Lisa's story; back in 2010, her family took a pledge to eliminate all highly processed and refined foods from their diet for the next 100 days. She also decided to blog about their experience and hence, that's how her blog began. Many families have since joined in on this journey and have shared their own experiences through the blog and other social media outlets.

My own family has made some major progress in our own real food journey. We make a point to purchase local and humanly raised meat and eggs. Our milk comes from a nearby farm whose cows are not injected with hormones or antibiotics. We have also subscribed to a CSA farm share for the past two years and visit our local farmers' markets on a regular basis. All things that are fairly easy to do and help to ensure that our family is not only supporting our local farmers, but also getting the best nutrition possible when it comes to these items.

Whether you're just getting started in your own real food lifestyle, maybe a little bit curious or very familiar; I think you'll find Lisa's new cookbook very useful. You'll find the first portion of the book is filled with lots of detailed information to help you get started:

 Definitions of real food
 How to read food labels
 Tips for grocery shopping {I particularly loved that Lisa shared her own typical weekly list}
 Tips for picky eaters
 Advice for when eating in restaurants

 These are just a few of the subjects you can expect to read about.

I was also glad to find a section devoted all to shopping on a budget and how to get the most bang for your buck. She also includes seasonal menu plans to make life a whole lot easier for you! Because we all know how busy our schedules are.

And of course you can expect to find tons of great recipes, with beautiful photos I might add. Everything from breakfast, to real food lunches that are perfect for the kiddos, to quick weeknight meals, to pantry staples like barbecue sauce. They are all simple too, which I love. The easier, the better. We tried the shortcut eggplant parmesan for dinner a couple nights ago. I loved how fast the dish came together, after working all day I still was able to get dinner on the table at a decent hour and within 30 minutes. It was also really good!

I've already got tons of recipes tabbed for me to try which is no surprise because everything looks so darn good. If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy, you can order one through here. I know you'll enjoy this new cookbook just as much as I have!

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the cookbook in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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