Monday, July 21, 2014

Freezer Smoothie Packs

The hot summer heat is finally upon us in Iowa and I personally love it. The girls and I just got back from spending our afternoon at the pool. We've had lots of rain in June and then some lower than average temps lately so it's nice to have some good ol' hot sun to relax in.

When it gets hot like this though, our appetites tend to fall to the wayside. This is just one reason why I love smoothies. They can be packed with so many nutrients that our body needs and feel like a treat all at the same time.

I try to have these on hand at all times, not only for the warmer months but throughout the year. When we're running low on time and need something quick and nutritious; a smoothie can be the perfect meal replacement. Or even for snack time, my kids have always loved these.

I don't always make the same kinds, we like to change up the fruit to what's available in our fridge or freezer. Usually there's always banana for extra creaminess. Spinach or kale for that extra nutrition. If you've got chia seeds, add those in. Oats work really well too. I never feel the urge to add any sort of sugar or sweetener, if you're using seasonal fruit, that seems to be sweet enough. The kids never complain, but maybe it's also because they don't know otherwise.

You can certainly mix your smoothie up and divide into cups or containers and freeze that way. But these smoothie packs are wonderful. Simply grab one out of the freezer, a small container of plain or vanilla yogurt, a little bit of milk and you're all set. Within in minutes you'll have yourself a healthy and satisfying drink!

Freezer Smoothie Packs

1 banana, sliced
2 cups assorted fruit {can use fresh or frozen}
1 cup kale or spinach
1/4 cup oats

Layer all ingredients into a quart sized freezer bag. Push excess air out of bag and seal tightly. Label with contents and date. Place into freezer until ready to use.

When ready to use, remove bag from freezer. Place into a blender along with a 6 oz. container of plain or vanilla yogurt. You'll want to add in some milk for thinning. Blend all together until smooth and mixture has reached your desired consistency. Pour into glasses and serve.

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