Thursday, May 8, 2014

Healthy Fruit {or Veggie} Dip

Gosh it's been absolutely gorgeous outside this week! The temps are rising, we haven't had days on end with rain and the kids are able to run around outside enjoying it all. My favorite times of the year are both spring and summer, and a large part of it is because of the fresh produce available. We tend to eat lighter meals and they are centered around those ingredients grown in the garden.

I've always said my kids are big fruit eaters and have become much better veggie eaters in the past couple years. Our snacks are mostly whole foods like that and not so much of the cracker, goldfish, sort of thing. So this plate above is something they adore.

I remember when I first started my in-home daycare back in August of 2006, I mainly had before and after school kids. I knew all of their parents and their daughters were all friends with mine. Their favorite snack would be a tray like this. Except I would just throw a container of yogurt in there for the dip, particularly an orange flavored one. Fast forward to today, I try to stay away from those kinds. They tend to have artificial sweeteners and other junk in there that I don't particularly like.

But this I can feel good serving to my daycare kiddos and my own as well. I've added in my own sweetener, honey. Plus a little something extra. This particular time I went with a scoop of biscoff cookie spread. It really doesn't have any more calories or fat than peanut butter, in fact it has just a little bit less. But peanut butter or any sort of nut butter would be a great alternative. It's just a fun way to change up their fruit or even a veggie tray.

Yes, even veggies. I seen particular kids scarf them down way better than I've ever seen before. I need to remember that for next time, maybe sneak some bell peppers or kohlrabi in there. Something about a dip just makes it that much more fun to eat.

Healthy Fruit {or Veggie} Dip

6 oz. container plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
1 tbsp biscoff spread {or any nut butter}
drizzle of honey

Mix all ingredients together well in a small bowl. Chill in fridge ahead of time for best results but you may certainly serve right away with desired fruit and veggie slices.

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