Monday, December 9, 2013

Annual Cookie Exchange

First, I want to apologize for my lack of posting. As organized as I try to be, I seem to be running out of time lately. I hope to get back on track and posting every other day again, I know this week I do have an order for 30 dozen cookies but after that things seem to be slowing down just a bit!

Saturday afternoon I hosted my annual cookie exchange, this is one event I love to plan each year at Christmas time. Time got away from me and my planning was a little behind than normal but I think we still pulled off a fabulous party. This year I had nine other gals join me, most of whom attend each year; my dad's office was so gracious to let us use their newly remodeled break room for our party. It had everything we needed and more, plus tons of room. Something which my little house is lacking.

We had a nice variety of appetizers to munch on this year. My mom and another friend were so kind to help me in preparing the food. These were a couple new dishes I made, the first being a buffalo chicken cheese ball dip and the second, a veggie wreath. Sort of just like a veggie pizza but made in the shape of a wreath.

I had some fun games along with prizes planned. We got to chatting and I forgot to take pictures of the first few games, but these are during our present game. I wrapped up a prize in a box, like really wrapped it! As in duct taped, bagged, and double wrapped. Guests had to wear a scarf and thick, bulky gloves when trying to unwrap the present. They had to roll dice and whoever got a 6 first started the game, the dice continued making it's rounds, whenever another guest rolled a 6 they got to take the package away from the previous person. We had lots of giggles during the ones especially!

Lastly, came our favorite part: swapping the cookies! We had some awesome and certainly unique recipes this year. I decided on these snickery doodles, they were so good. Literally a snickerdoodle with Snickers candy bars added into the dough.

Here's a peek inside my own container I brought home. We might need to stick these in the freezer soon otherwise they're all going to be gone!

Finally, my favorite part of all! Each year I ask the ladies to bring along any extras they have from baking and we divide them into two boxes. I choose two different places to donate the cookies and deliver them. This year our local police department and a transitional housing program for homeless, single women with children will be the lucky recipients. I sure hope they enjoy!

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