Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a very busy weekend, mostly spent preparing for our 6-year olds birthday party. I decided to only do a friend's party this year, which would be her first, also thinking if it wasn't in my house it might take some of the work load off of me. I was wrong. It's still a lot of work, especially when you make the cake, etc yourself. But it's so worth it, it always is!

She's never been a fan of cake, well more the frosting than anything. As a cake decorator in my spare time, this somewhat saddens me. I spend all that time making her a beautiful cake and she doesn't want to eat it. But she loves fruit, all my girls do! I've seen a few of these fruit "cakes" on other sites, I knew this was the route to go with her.

It was a huge success! The whole thing went over very well with her friends, I only brought home a tiny bit of watermelon leftover. I felt good about feeding them something healthy and I bet their parents didn't mind either. Don't worry though, I didn't deprive them of all sugar. I sent home an adorable flower shaped cookie on a stick I decorated. Of course I forgot to take a picture of them though. So disappointed!

Friday night I let the girls decorate their own cookie with leftover buttercream. They had fun, got a little silly and went overboard with the frosting a bit!

Sunday after church we headed back to the in-law's to pick even more pears. This batch I'm sending home with one of my daycare moms, I know she'll be able to put them to use. I've been busy working on pear sauce when I can but I've still got a bunch. I need to think of some other ways to use them up. Feel free to send any ideas my way!

In the afternoon our oldest participated in her first ever Color Dash 5K. She had so much fun, and wanted me to let her stay that way the remainder of the day ha ha!

Silly girl! After a couple showers I think she was about all cleaned up.

Well it's back to the grind today. It's been a relaxing few weeks at night but now we're getting back into our normal fall routine. Cross country meets, bowling league and dance classes. Busy busy, but I love it! Have a great Monday everyone!

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