Friday, April 12, 2013

Whole30 Day 4 & 5

Yesterday got a little busy and I ran out of time to post my day 4 meals so I'm combining both days. After daycare was over I had to start on a cake order as well as our usual nightly tasks.

Breakfast- I scrambled two eggs with diced peppers, sausage and some kale, as well as some orange slices on the side. Having some sausage was like a treat, I'm glad I bought some.

Lunch- I had just a little bit of leftover taco meat and sausage so I threw that on top of some salad greens and shredded a carrot and called it good.

Dinner- I was pretty excited about trying spaghetti squash this week as I've never made it before. It was amazing! I felt like I was enjoying regular ol' pasta. We'll definitely be incorporating this into our menu more often. I served it with some meat sauce, I found a jar of pasta sauce at the store that actually was made of real ingredients and with no sugar either. I'm not sure if it's worth paying $3.48 for but it saved me some time from making my own. This was by far the best meal I've had yet on my little journey.

Breakfast- So I tried a little experiment this morning, unfortunately it didn't work out well and tasted gross. I seen someone post about making a pumpkin porridge and how good it was, I've been missing my oatmeal and getting tired of only eggs for breakfast. This smelled so good but definitely needed something to sweeten it up more. I ate close to half of it and quit, I just couldn't stomach any more.

Lunch- Today was leftover spaghetti squash and it was just as good as last night. I was getting pretty hungry so this totally hit the spot.

Dinner- Tonight I made up some sort of chili concoction. I had about 1/2 lb. of leftover ground beef, threw in a can of diced tomatoes, diced peppers, kale, chili powder, pepper, basil and cumin. It's delicious and satisfying.  One of our girls does not like beans at all, she really liked it too.


Five days completed and I feel pretty good, I don't feel as tired in the afternoon and I think I really am sleeping a little better at night. My sugar cravings have gone down tremendously. I weighed myself this morning and I'm also down 6 lbs.

With that being said I'm ending my "journey" here.  I knew come Monday I didn't want to continue any further eating strictly only paleo, it's not for our family right now. I have really enjoyed incorporating more veggies into our diet this week and finding new ways to prepare them and other things but I just know I can't live this way forever. Whether you think that's right or wrong, it's what's right for us in this moment. During this week I've been able to see what changes I can and should make to our diets in order for us to be healthier and feel better overall. I like how I feel but at the same time I'm just tired of obsessing about my food. I'm feel like I'm constantly thinking about it, what I can't have, etc. I don't want to live like that. I really believe all foods can be enjoyed in moderation.

So for now that's what's going to happen. I'm ready to get back to regular blogging, I'm ready to get back in the kitchen and prepare some wonderful recipes to share with you. My hubby is going to be gone all weekend at a bowling tournament, I'm ready to enjoy my weekend with my girls; do something fun with them, maybe even get in the kitchen and bake. Thank you for all of your encouraging words and support throughout this week, I appreciate each and every one of you!

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