Monday, April 8, 2013

April Freezer Swap

This is what two friends and I did with our Saturday afternoon this weekend! That's about 50 meals setting on that counter. It was our biggest freezer swap yet and so much fun.

This was my third swap I've set up, it's always hard to find a date that works for everyone so we only had three of us this time around. We were all in agreement to make it worth our while and each prepared 5 different dishes. We are lucky enough to have a large church kitchen to rent out, they only require a $25 donation and we have tons of counter space for us to spread out as well as 2 full sized fridges/freezers, 2 sinks and 2 stoves. All in all we spent around 5 hours of actually cooking and preparing the meals plus a good hour or more of cleaning up, not bad timing at all!

We each spent just a little over $100 and came home with 16 dishes to stock our freezers with.10 main dishes and 6 breakfast or side items. Interested in starting your own freezer swap? Check out this post!

Now here's what each of us brought home:

Parmesan Garlic Knots
Fiesta Chili Mac
Blueberry Muffins
Slow Cooker Spare Ribs
Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken
Burger Patties w/grated cheese and bbq sauce
Pesto-Chicken Penne Pasta
Slow Cooker Rootbeer Pulled Pork
Twice Baked Potatoes
Cajun Chicken Pasta
Chicken Fajitas
Seasoned Potatoes
Pizza Kits -I stuck homemade pizza dough in a bag along with toppings and cheese for 2 pizzas per family. They each also took a jar of pizza sauce with them. So when it's time to eat all they have to do is thaw out, roll out the dough, top with their toppings and cheese and bake. I really wanted to try these homemade frozen pizzas but for transportation reasons I decided they might not work so well. 

So there you have it, lots of delicious meals to help us out as we get into our busy spring schedules. I love all of our variety too, we sure did good ladies!


  1. Love the pizza kit idea! The girls down here in my area are trying to get another one set up for late May or early June - you are right it is HARD getting everyone's schedule to come together!

  2. Since I have about 10 people that ultimately would like to join each time I've found that if I just pick a date that works for me as well as my cousin (since we use her church), then whomever the date works for can join. That way I'm not spending several weeks going back and forth seeing what dates work for everyone lol.

  3. We had a great time, can't wait to do it again!!

  4. Thanks for linking this up last week at SHOW IT OFF Wednesday. This week's party started this morning I would love for you to stop by.


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