Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekly Menu 11/15

It's been quite a busy weekend; our oldest daughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday with friends last night. It's always a bit of work putting together a party, but they sure did have a lot of fun and that always makes it worthwhile. We had a good amount of pizza and snacks leftover, so we'll be eating those up in these next few days.

I'm also calling a pantry challenge this week. We'll be traveling to a dance convention for the upcoming weekend and my fridge is bursting with food that I don't want to waste. So I grabbed a couple items the girls needed for their packed lunches for the week and that's it. We're going to make due with what we've got in the house and save some money at the same time.

I quickly thew together our meal plan tonight, so it's nothing too extravagant but here's what we've got planned:

Eggs w/toast
Oatmeal {quick-cooking oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, milk in microwave}

Layered taco dip {beans, seasoned sour cream, veggies}
Mini muffins/cheese/veggies/fruit

Leftover pizza
Italian basil sausage soup from freezer
Slow cooker pulled pork, apple slaw
Crunchy lemon garlic chicken, potatoes, acorn squash
Spaghetti, salad

Fresh fruit/veggies
Energy bites
Leftover snack mix from weekend

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