Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket lists are popping up everywhere, I love reading about what other families have planned for their vacation time. We've always put together some sort of list, whether it just be a few things that we hope to do with the kids and I thought I would share ours today.

I love that the girls help me in making our annual list, I think it's important to involve them in our fun. And while our list has quite a bit on it for this year, a lot of them are simple activities that will not be costly to us. I also won't be disappointed if we don't complete everything, that's not what our list is all about.

2015 Summer Bucket List

Make homemade ice cream- This was the first choice given by our youngest. I was given a nice KitchenAid attachment for Christmas a couple years back and am embarrassed to say, I have not even used it yet. Time to get working!

Go on a picnic- a real picnic, using the picnic basket my husband gave me way back in high school.

Visit the dairy farm- Our youngest had so much fun on a recent field trip that I'd like to take all the girls back for a hands-on tour. We'll get to help feed calves, milk the cows and make ice cream.

$3 Movies- Our local movie theater has a great selection of family movies for a cheap rate throughout the summer. We'll be taking advantage and going to a couple.

Swimming- We purchased family passes again to one of our favorite local pools/waterpark. I am looking forward to soaking up the sun with my family.

Volunteer at Food Bank- It's something that our family really enjoys to do. Even the girls.

Strawberry Picking- Another fun activity that we make a point to do each and every year. I will freeze most of the berries so we can enjoy through the winter, make jam and other goodies. Of course we'll also eat berries until we tire of them!

Have lunch with dad at work- We'll make a point to surprise dad with lunch at work throughout the summer.

Library summer reading program- It's important that we keep reading while we're not in school, we tend to visit the library each week regardless of the time of year. I like to have our girls take advantage of this free program.

Parks- The girls love to visit new parks when we get a chance. We'll try to play at new ones each week when time allows.

Pay for person behind us at ice cream shop- While we don't typically eat fast food, we do love to get an ice cream cone when it's hot outside. It's always fun to surprise the next family by paying for their treats.

Bake treats for the fire station- A couple years ago at Christmas we delivered some cookies from my cookie exchange to the fire station down the road. The girls have been asking to do it again ever since. So it's on our plan for this summer!

Go up to the river- My parents have a little getaway place and we always make a point to spend at least one weekend up there. It's a quiet little town where it's just peaceful and nice to get away from all the busyness in life.

Now that you've seen my family's list, tell me, what fun activities do you have planned for your summer?

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