Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pull-Apart Bread

New Year's Eve night usually consists of us staying home with the kids and myself making up a few different appetizers for us to munch on. Nothing too fancy, but it works for us and we enjoy staying in where it's warm and not waking up with a headache the next day.

This year the hubby had to work both days...blah! So my side of the family came over to keep the girls and I company for a little bit. We watched the kids dance to their new Just Dance game on the Wii, talked and of course ate. My mom was a lifesaver and brought along most of the food as I had kids all day for daycare. But I did manage to whip up something quick.

I've fallen in love with pull-apart breads, they're fun and really easy to make! I made two kinds that night, this savory bacon, cheddar and ranch kind and then also a sweet bread. While it was good, I need to experiment a little more to perfect that recipe.

I had a hard time finding a regular sized round loaf so I went with these simple bread bowls our local bakery sells. Of course I could have purchased a french loaf and went that way, but round is so much more fun. It's almost like a garlic cheese bread with lots of bacon, so good and yet so simple.  I think the only thing that could have made this better, would to have some sort of dip to serve alongside. Yum!

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pull-Apart Bread

1 small bread bowl
3-4 slices cooked bacon
1 tsp dry ranch seasoning
2 tbsp melted butter
grated cheddar cheese

Using a sharp knife cut into bread, criss-crossing but making sure to not cut all the way through the bottom of the loaf.

Sprinkle cheese throughout the loaf, tucking into every nook and cranny. Crumble the bacon and do the same. Mix together melted butter and ranch seasoning in a small bowl. Drizzle all over bread.

Wrap bread in a large piece of foil. Place onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Open up the foil and let bake for another 5 minutes, just until cheese is melted.

Remove from oven and serve warm.


  1. I need to try to make a pull apart bread! They always look SO good! I love the addition of bacon to this...looks awesome!

  2. Looks delicious Steph!! Pinning to try :)


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