Friday, November 30, 2012

Handprint Footprint Reindeer Shirts

I know this post isn't food related, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me while I share these adorable shirts with you that I love to make with my own children as well as my daycare group. I started making these when our five-year-old was one and they've become a favorite!

Before we get into the details, I do want to announce the winner of my giveaway.

#12- Honesty: i am continuing a tradition that my mom did with me growing up and that is getting a new Christmas ornament each year for the kids so they can have a good collection when they move out on their own.
Congratulations Honesty! Please email me your address at, and I will get your prize in the mail.

Each year during the holiday season I try to create a big to-do list or bucket list if you will. I don't want to overwhelm our days but it's a way for me to create some great memories with my family. I try to include the children when picking our activities and like to include new activities every year. Some are more simple like driving around to look at Christmas lights or reading Christmas stories each night. Others may require more time or supplies such as, making these shirts, decorating cookies or going ice skating.

Reindeer shirts are super easy to make, they're fairly inexpensive and you'll always treasure this

Supplies needed:
Plain red or white t-shirt/long sleeved shirt
Brown fabric paint
Red fabric paint
Black fabric paint
Cardboard to slip inside shirt to prevent paint bleeding through

You'll need to put brown paint onto some sort of painting dish (a lot of times I use paper plates or disposable pie tins). Slip cardboard into shirt and lay on a flat surface. With a paintbrush, paint child's foot brown and stamp onto shirt with the heel coming down. Next you'll imprint each hand over the toes of the footprint, so they look like antlers. After you've cleaned up, use black paint to make eyes and a dot of red paint for the nose. If you'd like you can write their name and the year at bottom of the shirt or just leave it blank.


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