Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Menu 10/8

We're enjoying a lazy Sunday in our home. The hubby and I got to enjoy a nice evening to ourselves last night while the girls spent the night with grandma and grandpa. We had lunch with our family and now the little ones are taking a nap. I've got a good menu lined up for this week, trying some new recipes, making some old favorites and best of all...I was able to "shop" from my freezer when menu planning. It's almost getting too full, now's the time to start using it up. Here's what good eats we'll be enjoying this week:

Caramel apple cinnamon rolls (can't wait to share this favorite with you!)
Pumpkin muffins -from the freezer
Toast w/fresh fruit
Cinnamon breakfast bites, eggs

Pizza calzones-from the freezer
Mini omelets
Spaghetti using freezer sauce
HM macaroni and cheese
Taco soup-from the freezer

Open-faced meatball subs
Turkey pot pie-using turkey from freezer
Ham steak
Loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole
Taco soup-from the freezer

Pear sauce
Zucchini Bread - from freezer
Fresh fruit/veggies
Wheat thins

Freezer Cooking(when I have extra time):
Pear sauce
Pear butter
Caramel apple cinnamon rolls
Mini omelets

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