Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Banana Berry Green Smoothie

Our family loves smoothies, especially during the summer months. The past two days have been a scorcher! With temps in the mid 90s and the humidity on top of it, we're enjoying more of these fruity drinks than normal.

I always try to keep our smoothie on the healthy side but this time I decided to jump on the "green smoothie bandwagon" and add some spinach to our batch. I can't believe how good they taste and you really can't tell the spinach is in there. I felt a little sneaky yesterday morning making them, I was trying to hide the spinach from the kids just in case they wouldn't give it a try. To my delight, they all sucked them right down! I love that my kids are getting extra nutrients and they love the taste, it's a win-win situation. We'll definitely be making our smoothies this way from now on.

Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Feel free to share, I'd love to hear!

Banana Berry Green Smoothie

1 large banana, chopped
2 cups strawberries, halved
1/2 cup blueberries
2 cups baby spinach
6 oz. vanilla yogurt
1/3 cup milk
Crushed ice

Add banana, strawberries, blueberries and milk to blender. Next add in yogurt. Finally add in the baby spinach, blend on high to get everything mixed up well. Lastly add in crushed ice for more of a slushy texture. Pour into cups and serve, I served 4 kids plus myself with this batch. Enjoy!

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