Monday, May 21, 2012

Group Freezer Cooking Session

Chicken enchiladas - I froze the sauce separately to prevent
them from getting soggy.

I had every intention to write about my latest freezer cooking session last Wednesday but of course we had issues with our Internet almost the entire day so that didn't go as planned. As to be expected, they had it up and running right after nap time, when I no longer had a quiet moment to sit down.

So a couple weekends ago I got together with my cousin and a gal my husband works with to do some batch cooking and stock our freezers with some meals. We had planned for a group of 6-7 of us but it's just hard to work with everyone's schedules. We were able to rent out my cousin's church kitchen for a small fee, it was great, they had 2 stoves/ovens and plenty of counter space for us to work. Since there were only 3 of us we decided to each prepare 2 recipes to make it worth our time. That way we each ended up with 6 meals to put in our freezer.

Stuffed burger patties

It was a lot of fun throughout the whole process. We brought along a few snacks to munch on while we cooked. We listened to music and talked, it was just a relaxing afternoon. We spent about 4 hours from start to finish(including clean-up) so that's not bad at all, it wouldn't have taken us as long but my recipes were probably a little more time time consuming than the others. We've already decided we need to make this a regular thing and are trying to plan another session within a couple months. I've had some other friends that are interested in joining which will make it even more fun!

Chicken penne casserole

Chicken enchilada roll-ups I brought for a snack
(I'll post recipe this week!)
My cousin made these little pigs in a blanket sort of
snack. I'll have to ask her what they're called and for
the recipe because they were sooo good! They had
some sort of brown sugar and pecan glaze that gave
them that sweet and salty combination.

Here's a list of what we were able to accomplish that afternoon:
BBQ Pulled Pork
Tator Tot Casserole
Stuffed Burgers

I'm really enjoying experimenting with freezer cooking. It's making my life so much easier on nights when we have softball or I'm just plain busy with cake orders. I don't want to resort to feeding my family take-out so this is a great alternative!

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